Stannum Metallicum for the Treatment of Respiratory Problems

Stannum Metallicum, stannum, or more commonly know as Tin, is a soft, pliable, silvery-white metal. Tin is not easily oxidized and resists corrosion because it is protected by an oxide film. Tin resists corrosion from distilled sea and soft tap water, and can be attacked by strong acids, alkalis and acid salts. It is insoluble both in water & alcohol but slowly soluble in cold dilute hydrochloric acid, dilute nitric acid and in hot sulphuric acid. It is readily dissolved by concentrated hydrochloric acid.

When ingested it acts primarily on the cerebrospinal system, giving rise to profound fatigue, as well as paralysis and convulsions, and in the nervous sphere to neuralgic pains. It also acts prominently on the respiratory mucous membrane, producing catarrhal inflammation, and profuse catarrhal discharge, with dilatation of the bronchi, together with excessive prostration of the respiratory nerves.

As a homeopathic remedy, Stannum Metallicum is indicated for many respiratory problems especially where side of the chest is predominantly affected. Patients who report an empty "all gone" sensation in the chest with profound weakness and soreness of the chest will respond to homeopathic Stannum Metallicum. It can also help people who are experiencing pain of stitching type with oppressive and short respiration. If there is a violent dry cough (often 3 coughs at a time) which is deep, hollow, shattering or strangling in nature. Likewise where there is a rawness and soreness in the larynx and trachea with smarting sensation all the way down when coughing, this remedy is indicated. Look for an accumulation of great quantity of mucus in the trachea which is easily discharged by coughing. It will often be like the white of an egg. In terms of modalities the cough is often worse from talking, singing, laughing, lying on right side and drinking anything warm. People who are hoarse can be helped by Stannum.

It has also proved of excellent in treating the symptoms often experienced by people with worm parasites in their digestive system.

Stannum is especially suited to persons who have long been growing feeble where there is a growing sign of constitutional weakness. Often present will be cachexia, catarrhal conditions, and neuralgia dating back over years. This will often be accompanied by an increased sensitiveness to pain with a growing aversion to doing any work.

Look for people who are becoming increasingly sallow, with a waxy, drawn look about them.

Any pain will often begin with sunrise, increases until noon and gradually diminishes, and ceases with sunset.

Stannum Metallicum is also helpful in menstrual disorders. This is especially the case when menses begins too early and too profuse. During menses there is often a pain in the vagina shooting upwards with great weakness. Pain is worse while dressing in the morning when the patient will to sit down several times to rest. Stannum Metallicum is also indicated in vaginal discharge which is transparent, yellowish with considerable weakness.

In summary there are the symptoms to look out for in patients who may benefits from Stannum Metallicum:

Mind – Sad, discouraged, anxious and aversion to seeing people.

Head - Headache in the in the temples and forehead. There will be an obstinate acute influenza with a cough. Pain which is worse for motion which gradually increasing and decreasing as if constricted by a band; the forehead feels pressed inwards. There is often jarring in the head when walking.

Throat - profuse sticky mucus which is difficult to detach; sometime the efforts to detach causes nausea. The throat is dry and it stings.

Stomach – there is a hunger but the Smell of cooking causes people to vomit. There is often a bitter taste. Pain in the stomach is relieved with pressure, but sore to touch. There will be a sensation of emptiness in stomach.

Abdomen - there will be cramp around the navel with a feeling of emptiness. the colic will be relieved by hard pressure.

Female – In females look out for tearing-down sensation with a weak feeling in stomach. Menses will start early and will be profuse. Upward pain in the vagina felt to the back and spine. There is frequently a clear discharge with great debility.

Respiratory - Hoarseness with mucus expelled by a forcible cough. The cough will be dry in evening until midnight. The cough will be set off by laughing or singing. It will be worse from lying on right side. The chest will feels weak and sore.

Sleep – Note people who tend to sleep with one leg drawn up and the other stretched out.

Extremities – watch out for people with a weakness and who tends to drop things. Often ankles will be swollen and limbs may suddenly give out when attempting to sit down. There is frequently dizziness and weakness when descending. Spasmodic twitching of the muscles of the forearm and hand is another indication. Fingers may jerk when holding pen.

Fever – if there is a fever, note those which occur in evening. There may be exhausting night-sweats, especially towards morning. Perspiration will principally be on the forehead and nape of neck and it may smell musty or be offensive.

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