Natrum Sulphuricum – Nature’s Digestive Aid

Sodium Sulphate, Natrum Sulphuricum or Nat Sulph occurs naturally in sea water and in the waters of hot springs. It is normally found in combination with calcium sulphate in the mineral glauberite and is probably responsible for much of the reputation that healing hot-spring baths have developed over the years. Medicinally Glauber's salt was mostly used as a laxative since the beginning of the eighteenth century.

It is the cell salt for the liver but not limited to it. Constipation and colic can occur if there is a deficiency of this salt. It has been found to be useful in dealing with asthma especially when those symptoms get worse with dampness. It is also often indicated for head injuries and epileptic episodes following a head injury. In extreme case of personality change or blindness after head injury Natrum Sulphuricum has shown positive curative effects. Natrum Sulphuricum is sometimes indicated in spinal meningitis.

For people with gastric problems or who are over weight Natrum Sulphuricum can play a role. The remedy has a marked action on many gastro-intestinal symptoms like biliousness, liver troubles, diarrhoea, flatulent colic and hepatitis. Where there is pain and tenderness in abdomen with much flatulence, Natrum Sulphuricum can be helpful. There may be a Pain is dull and burning which is relieved by passing wind. There is frequent expulsion of offensive flatus in morning.

Look for people who cannot tolerate tight clothing around their waist. Natrum Sulphuricum can be useful in dealing with hepatitis when liver is sore to touch with sharp stitching pain accompanied by nausea and vomiting of bile. The stool is most often watery, yellowish or greenish in colour. Natrum Sulphuricum also helps in diarrhoea after wet weather or living or working in humid conditions. Morning diarrhoea as soon as the patient gets up from the bed is also a Natrum Sulphuricum sign.

Natrum Sulphuricum is also an important remedy for nasal catarrh where discharge is thick, yellowish and salty. In can also be useful for useful for profuse nose bleeds during menses. It has been shown to help late stage pneumonia when the lower lobe of left lung is affected. Often people who report an all gone sensation in the chest will be a Sodium Sulphate candidate. Natrum Sulphuricum is also indicated in asthma which is worse in the morning from 4-5 am. There is breathing discomfort is often noticed with the desire to take deep breaths in rainy weather.

Headaches, photophobia, influenza, migraine and sinusitis are often cited by patients demonstrating a Nat Sulph pattern. It has also been shown to be effective for the debility found in in alcoholics and diabetics. Natrum Sulphuricum also helps in red warts all over the body.

The total mind body pattern indication Nat Sulph will include the following:


  • Asthma – asthma exacerbated by humid conditions. There will be copious greenish expectoration.
  • Biliousness – the principal remedy for the nausea, vomiting and giddiness.
  • Colic – has shown this to be useful supplementary remedy.
  • Digestion – helpful in the vomiting of bile; heartburn; flatulence, mostly right-sided. The liver is sore to touch and there are stitching pains. It is worse lying on left side.
  • Extremities – knees feel tired and there can be tearing and shooting pain in hands. Heat with burning in the soles of feet and legs is often seen often with itchy toes.
  • Head – the sick type headache accompanied by biliousness and severe headache, especially on top of head. There will be nausea with a bitter taste in the mouth. Look out for migraines and most commonly it is an important remedy for head injuries.
  • Mind – people who are suicidal can benefit from Nat Sulph. There may be irritability and hear music can make the person sad, aggravating the condition. There is often a disinclination to speak or be spoken to. Nat Sulph patient often talk about dreams of running water.
  • Pain – associated with liver disturbances, biliousness, sick headache and nausea.
  • Sciatica – people suffering sciatic pain when getting up from sitting or turning in bed are often helped.
  • Skin – mostly indicated for oozing eczema with itching and burning after scratching.
  • Urinary Symptoms – excessive urination.
  • Vertigo – this is indicated by giddiness with a bitter taste in the mouth.


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